Saturday, April 1, 2017

I Want to Live in an “Active Adult” Community

By: Tom Callahan
       Only Seniors, LLC
       Crisis Manager and Consultant

I must admit, I love the term, “Active Adult Community.”  It makes it sound as though moving to one means that you are suddenly going to be able to jog 5 miles a day, take up hang gliding and live like you are on a cruise ship.  Its concept these communities were designed to inspire.  A life spent pursuing your hobbies and interests without the worries of home maintenance and neighborhood children stomping on your daisies. 

Usually, one must be at least 55 years old in order to move into a community.  So why then, do people wait till they are in their 70’s to move into one?  Could it be that inability to admit-we- are-aging-thing that so many people have?

Active Adult and Independent Living Communities are designed for people who no longer have children at home and who want to pursue a lifestyle not ruled by carpools and soccer games.  They are for people who embrace their aging and aren’t weighed down by the feeling they need to hang onto a house because of the memories it holds.  Houses don’t hold the memories of a lifetime.  We, as individuals do.  No matter where we go, the memories will follow.

Active Adult Communities should not be used as a “band aid” for the issues of aging.  If dad is 92 years old, has trouble walking and is on oxygen 24/7, then an active adult community is NOT the right place for him.

So, the issue really boils down to holding on to something longer than you should.  What’s so bad about freeing yourself up from daily burdens in order to pursue things that make you happy?  Like I said, I want to live in an Active Adult community and jog 5 miles a day…

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